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PONY Coaching Youth Baseball Online Course

"Coaching education is paramount to a successful baseball and girls softball playing experience. A well trained and educated coach will make a significant difference in the success and development of a player and a team. We’re confident that, backed by ASEP’s 25 years of coaching education expertise and experience, the PONY Coaching Education Program will provide the ultimate coaching education opportunity for our coaches, and we strongly recommend that all of our coaches participate in the program."

Abraham Key, President and CEO
PONY Baseball and Softball


All managers & coaches will be required to take the Pony Certification & Concussion Certification before the first practice. The links are provided below.

Please forward your certificate of completion to your division commissioner. CYB is refunding the cost of Pony Certification once we receive valid proof of completion. Both of these are mandatory for all managers, assistant coaches must take the concussion certification. 

Link to Coaches Certification.

-Create an Account -Education -Courses -Coach Certification Level "B"


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